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Fleischmann vs Tito’s vs Belvedere vodka in a Bloody Mary

by | Jan 18, 2021 | 0 comments

Should you be able to taste the vodka in your Bloody Mary? Does the type of vodka matter? In this week’s tasting room, we compare Bloody Marys made with Fleischmann’s, Tito’s, and Belvedere vodkas.

video transcription

I’m Carl I’m Riley. This is Oliver who needs all of the snuggles right now. All of a sudden, hello and welcome to the tasting room. Where today we’re going to try a bloody Mary with three different quality vodkas.

How much do you enjoy living there?

So-so barking. Mad at me. Because I will order a bloody Mary at 11 o’clock at night. Yeah. But when you do it does some, like the most amazing thing in the world. Listen, a bloody Mary is the hair of the dog.

That’s absolutely 100% why you drink bloody Marys when you are hung over. But I also argue that bloody Mary is, can help prevent a hangover because they’ve got so much salt in them that they help keep you from getting that dehydrated.

how we meet

That’s a theory. I have no research to back it up. That is why I married this woman. Why? Because I’m smart. Yes, but no, we both really enjoyed bloody Mary’s. We met over a bloody Mary. We did do that one. It was, it was you’re a quintessential meet. Cute in a bar, short story or long story short. Right? New year’s day.

She was at the bar. You’re doing a bloody Mary eats and naturals. I come into the bar about to start my Christmas party for the restaurant I worked at. We talked for 45 minutes, three months later, I messaged her on Facebook. I said, Hey, I’m going to go. You met her on new year’s day. No, you just said, Hey well, anyway.

is drinking a bloody mary drinking?

Yeah. I used to this day maintain, and please let us know in the comments, if you agree with me, or if you agree with him, I believe that drinking of bloody Mary is not drinking. It is medicine for a hangover. Okay. But let’s also add that you were about to go to work like an eight hour shift that day because you were super hung over from new year’s Eve.

I worked in retail. It does not count on a video rental store. That’s where she was going to work yet. But you were technically drinking that day. No one bloody Mary is not drinking. One bloody. Mary is recovering ladies and gentlemen, you will be, you will be whatever you guys say, whatever it gets the most votes.

If it’s not drinking or finish drinking, whatever wins in the comments. The argument was six year arguments are let us know in voting because she has a cat does not, it’s not fair. Okay. So onwards and forwards to one of our, but that’s what makes it hilarious. She hates it. Cause I used to say all the time, uh, Menu list menu list.

What’s on the what’s on the menu list. Okay. So bloody Marys. We enjoy them very much. So we enjoy them at 11 o’clock at night. We enjoy them at six in the morning. And what time is it right now? I don’t enjoy anything at six o’clock in the morning. 10 o’clock at night. So redundancy. So what we did is Bluhm brothers.

what bloody mary mix we are using

A lot of you probably are not familiar with bum brothers, blah, Blom Olam. Brothers, sorry, multiple drinks say, um, there a distillery at, of Galena, Illinois, and they make a bourbon, gin and vodka. I worked there for a short bit before the illness started. Um, and they have their own bloody Mary mix, which is amazing.

Yes. We both like zinc and that’s a good staple for going to have it at a bar restaurant. If that’s just your mix that you buy. I’m perfectly fine with that, but like bloody Marys are so subjective, right? If you have a bloody Mary mix that you like drink your bloody Mary mix, because just like anything else in life, there is so much that goes into this, that your preference is everybody’s preference is going to be done.

Right. I’ve seen basically, if you find a restaurant, a bar, as long as they don’t have that bloody Mary mix that you hate, you’ll drink it and be like, I do not like hair of the dog. Uh, the Tipalti, one’s horrible. The regular one’s fine, but there’s other ones there’s even cheaper ones like $3 ones, but this is great.

It’s very savory. I think, um, it has this like earthy taste to it, which I guess is kind of more savory, you know? So it’s great. It’s not spicy. If you’re looking for spice, you just add your own spice to it, but everything else, otherwise it’s pretty well added in already for you. So like a lot of bloody Mary’s take a lot of building.

Like you have to add. A lot of different salts and we’re sure worse.

really about the only thing that we personally add to I’ll obviously different bars are gonna add your garnishes, all like the, you know, the celery, the pickles, the onions, the olives, the cheese, the meats, you know, whatever. The only thing that she’s burger is the fried chicken. I can’t stand up. I’m sorry.

I just, it’s a gimmick. It’s a gimmick, you know, whatever. Listen, if I’m, if I’m going for a bloody Mary, I’m not in the mood or feeling like eating that much. One thing that I normally will add is a lie. I like a lime in there. The citrus kind of, kind of cuts through it all. I need a lime, I need a pickle and I need an olive at least.

Um, And there could be another debate. Like, are you a celery or Picco person? And I honestly don’t understand salary people like it’s it’s good. Stir stick. Yeah. I don’t eat celery. So in today’s recipe, in today’s Katell, we’re doing two ounces of vodka. So I filled the glass with ice. Two ounces of vodka, topped it off with a bloody Mary mix, the Bluhm brothers.

And then I just I’m rolling. Rolling rolled. Shaked it twice. That’s it. Scoop coop, keep it super simple for these. And what vodka is, are we using today? We are using Fleischmann’s Royal vodka, which comes out at, uh, eight whopping $8 per bottle. And then we have Titos which low twenties, low twenties and Belvedere, which is mid thirties.

Now. I’m sorry, go ahead. I have some thoughts. I have, I have some opinions. Well, this is luckily a channel where we give each other. We give our opinions of thoughts. Yeah. As I have said before, I am a firm believer in that bloody Mary should be spicy. I am a firm believer in the fact that the vodka is irrelevant in a bloody Mary, because you are supposed to taste the spice and your mouth should be on fire.

So these aren’t going to be my ideal bloody Mary’s because there’s no spice in. I am perfectly fine with this. And half the reason we’re doing this video is when we, it, we tested, uh, kettles, Belvedere and grey goose, which you can find that video up here. Um, I said the reason why I like Belvedere so much, just because I made a bloody Mary one time at work with Belvedere and it was amazing and I could straight up tell it.

So basically I am trying spicy. Would you be, I don’t think bloody Mary’s need to always be spicy. I think when you’re super hung over is great because it makes you get sober faster. But I think sometimes I can enjoy bloody Mary without me. I want my mouth to be on fire. I still like bloody Marys that aren’t spicy.

But if you asked me, do you want a spicy, I’m going to say yes and then put more spice in it. Sure. That’s fine. But today we’re going to try these without spice. I’m going to go from there. So again, she doesn’t know. Which ones are, which I haven’t written down, which, uh, brewery glass, the Vaka is in. These are all breweries that we visited this may or may not be the brewery I work at may or may not.

These are all great breweries. This one brand is located in Dallas and wake is located in. Moline Illinois. So which one are you going to start off with today, Ms. Right? None to miss Ms. Riley. And I like that. Um, I am going to start with wait. No, I started when I left last time. I, okay. Starting with seven years, who knows what order these views are going to go out.

This will probably be one of those views to where there’s not a lot of descriptiveness in it because the bloody Mary mix is going to be the most prevalent, prevalent, prevalent tastes like a bloody Mary. This I can go to bloody Mary it’s exactly what I want all the time, every time, but I need like six patches at the basket.

But other than that, it’s a good bloody Mary. I like it. I have no complaints. Brandon I’m brain dead. Okay.

It tastes exactly the same. It’s a bloody Mary Casey black man. And I like it. Yeah.

I think that one has this cleaner start to the bloody Mary, like it has this, and I don’t know how to describe it. Cleaners, not really what I’m trying to describe as this. I mean, maybe cleaner, fresher tastes right from the get go. Maybe, maybe there’s a slight, barely discernible, like more citrus note.

Like it pulls out whatever the citrus. Is there citric acid in the bloody Mary mix for is a preservative

lime juice concentrate. There is interesting. There’s a lot of other ingredient here. I just saw that one and we don’t need it. Yeah. Um, so yeah, and maybe the vodka does bring that out a little bit more, but I want to be super honest with you. I forgot which ones are, which so. Then you write it down on your post-it.

I wrote it. That’s why I wrote it down. So I don’t have to remember. Oh, okay. I thought you were like, no, like, I don’t know. I don’t remember. Like, I think I remember which ones, which wake brewing glass, which has a dope little skull guy on that. Yeah. Banned from my hometown Muscatine called closet. Which so if you’re into hardcore metal, female singer bands that are crazy insane, a lot of energy.

Check them out, Casa, which

that one is definitely the smoothest. It takes the edge off of all of the, Oh 100%. All of the spices are just rounded out and just like blended like a smoothie. Right. That gives me a very, like, it’s not the texture, but a smoothie. I get what you’re saying. There’s a more like this crispness to it, or again, cleanness to it that just it’s like clean.

And then it’s over here, the bloody Mary mix with this first one with the seven Hills one, it’s just straight up tomato juice, spices and stuff like that. Yeah. Again, I know this. Isn’t really helpful to a lot of people that go, but again, bloody Mary mix is supposed to be a very. Prominent, um, yeah, a flavor profile, right.

And for a lot of people who don’t drink playmates because of the tomato juice, I get it. Did you know your life makes me sad? I think soon there’ll be a recipe on a bloodless bloodless, a bloodless bloody Mary. Ooh. We need you to bloody Maria. Those are so good. If you’d never had a bloody Mary with the Keala in it.

It’s it’s I don’t, I don’t drink them all the time. It’s been a while since I drank wine, but they are definitely something different. Some to give a little different kick in the morning, so. Okay. Which one did you like the most? Did you w you like the seven Hills one where it’s just straight up bloody Mary mix, the brain dead.

It’s just a smidge Crispus Smiths, clean, rounded. And then the wake brewing glass definitely has, uh, you know, less spice, less. I like the seven Hills glass. I, when I w when I drink a bloody Mary, I want it to taste. This is going to be the wrong word, but dirty, like, I don’t know. You want all the spices, all the flavor you want to be hit in the face with punched in the face with it.

Yeah. Yep. I need to be punched in the face with everything inside the tomato juice and. All the other ingredients. Yep. I get that. And I, I agree with that. Like for the most part, that’s what I want, you know, I want, cause that flavor, that spice, it kind of helps sweat out a little bit, all the, all the crap from the other night, if nothing else that it distracts you from how miserable you feel, because of all of the like different, weird how refreshing it is.

Oh, it’s great. You know, because it’s all that flavor like, Oh man. You know, like, I just, I can just imagine, you know, being over tomorrow, just drinking the thing with a pile of wings, to the side and just like, he takes that first sip. Like my life has been missing this, you know? Um, I don’t know. I think I like, okay, did we go for a tour?

I went through I’m in front of the sippy sip and I may have changed my mind. Yeah. Now, and then

maybe it did, maybe it doesn’t. I think they all have their place in reason. I like all of them. I am okay with all of them. And at the end of the day, this video is not to get you to. Like one over the other issue, say, you know what I need Belvin you’re in my bloody Mary’s because that’s what Mick said. No, not at all.

This is more, it is super fun to do. Gives us a good reason to you drink three bloody Marys in once in 20 minutes. And it just kind of, again, that tasting room is just to show you does liquor matter in the cocktails that you drink and at the end of the day, We’re just giving you our two opinions. Right.

And what we like, you might not, and that’s totally okay. Right. Okay. So let’s get to the guessing. Let’s let’s knock it out. Knock it out of the park. Last video. Did you just fart? No. Who far did I think Belvedere is the one in the wake of brewing glass. Okay. Because every other cocktail I’ve tried with Belvedere has been rounded.

Like it has been a glue for all of the ingredients. So they end up pasting altogether instead of tasting separate components. Right. It’s very good at bringing everything together and binding it. Yes. Okay. The other two could be a toss up and just because I have to choose, I’m going to arbitrarily choose seven Hills is Fleischmann’s Tito’s is in the Brenda branded brewing glass eye.

I know I get it. I mean, again, this is going to be one of those deals where it’s harder to like pinpoint things out. And again, when I said. I drink a bloody Mary with Belvedere back in the day, I have zero recollection recollection of the ratios I used. I probably didn’t even use ice. I just probably pour Belvedere in a glass and the tumbler.

And so this is exactly on top of it and drank it. I’m like, Oh my God, this is super good. And again, you know, if, if, cause this is bloody, Mary is about three to one ratio. I, you know, that’s, that’s just like, A rough, like, Hey, if I’m just kind of pouring stuff together through Dorner show, I’m pretty sure that was more of a one-to-one ratio.

Well, I needed it. Okay.

You got one, right? The velvet. You got the Belvedere, correct? So it’s these two are different or mixed. So seven Hills is Titos brain-dead is the freshman’s. And the Belvedere is the wake brewing. So again, this kind of shows. I think just the more we do these videos kind of shows why Tito’s is as popular as it is, is a very, everything is a very diverse vodka.

Yeah. They don’t, they don’t spend money on marketing. They stuff, all this stuff in one little label, they don’t do the smoke or the frosted glass, you know, and everything like that to keep everything pretty simple. So it makes it reasonably priced at the low twenties. So when a restaurant buys it, it’s in the high teens.

Which makes it affordable for all your cartels that it’s in? Um, I wouldn’t be mad if I got any of these at a restaurant. Obviously it was a Belvedere vodka blamed Mary. That’s going to be like an 11 plus dollar bloody Mary, which no one’s going to pay for again, this is, we’re just doing this for fun at home.

We’re not telling you to go get this. If you want to. I don’t care. Go ahead. If you do, or if there’s another vodka, that’s a higher inviting that you’d like, let us know the comments. I’m always willing to try. Another reason to make a bloody Mary. Yes, but as it stands and as my stance has been and always will be just give me your vodka off the rail when you’re drinking a Mary.

Yeah. Yeah, I don’t want to taste it anyway. Want, well, it keeps the price down low, so you can get a couple, three bloody Mary’s for the price of one Belvedere one, and I can get that. And I’m cool with it. Right? Well, let’s get all the crap with it. You only need one now full, right? I never get that. But anyways, which one do you want, babe?

This guy.

All right guys. Cheers. .

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