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Grey Goose vs Tito’s vs Fleischmann’s Vodka

by | Dec 4, 2021 | 0 comments

It’s another vodka showdown! Grey Goose vs. Tito’s vs. Fleischmann’s in Sex and the City’s favorite cocktail: The Cosmopolitan!


I’m Carl I’m Riley. And this is the tasting room for today. We’re going to try different quality vodkas in the Cosmo.

drink of choice

Tell me about a Cosmo because I’ve never had one. You never had never. Okay. So let’s backtrack just a little bit with your question and I’ll answer your question in a second. Okay. Okay. Do you know where the causal, what made the Cosmo famous sex in the city? What’s the other thing that came popular from sex in the city,

the name Aiden. Oh, so there’s a bunch of 10 year old boys. Well, ages of eight to 14. They’re named Aiden because of sex in the city. Yep. So, yes, you are correct. Six and city made the Cosmo pretty darn famous. It’s already been a drink around, I don’t know the history of it, cause I don’t really drink them in the nineties.

It’s been around for a while. Six and CT was out in the night. I know, but it’s a fairly modern cocktail it’s not been around for. It’s not like a classic, right? It’s not like an old fashioned, but it’s a very basic cocktail. There’s not a whole lot to it. But today we’re going to find out, do one of these liquors, make the Cosmo better or worse, or just does it even matter.

liqour of choice

And we are going to be doing, but you want to list off the block cause that we’re going to be trying today. You wanna help me? You gotta be in the middle of everything. Can use the loves.


Yep. So we have Fleischmann’s which costs us eight 99. Which is your, just your well vodka. Now, actually, this is not the well vodka.

You can get Iowa. This is over in Illinois, but I’m assuming it’s the same, well, vodka. We get Hawkeye vodka as well, but good on Marshalltown.

tito’s and grey goose

And then we have Titos and two grey goose. Both of which we have established are one of our favorites in knot, but grey goose, I feel like we’d have a good. Flavor profile for right from our last episode where we talked, not the last episode for a previous episode, where we talked about vodka, flavors and profiles.

cosmopolitan recipe

So the cocktail recipe I used is from drinkology. This book is really great because. There’s no fluff. And I don’t mean that in a negative way. There’s just the cost tells him that’s it? Yeah. So the flip is good. Sometimes when you’re looking for a recipe for a cocktail, you don’t want to read a million pages before you get to what you want.

Yeah. Super thick, but it’s got, you know, again, just a lot of you can’t see what I’m looking at, but anyway, it’s, there’s a lot of cartels, super easy to get to it’s priced very reasonably. Uh, this cost, it says $25, but I’m pretty sure I did not pay that $25. So anyway, that’s where I got the recipe. The recipe is they say two ounces of lemon vodka, but I’m not aware of low, medium, high end limited VOC is the only ones I can think of off the top of my head would be absolute lemon.

Pretty sure Smirnoff has one. Pearl might have one maybe. And. The one in Nicole? No, the one in the blue bottle. That’s not sky. Oh, a Ciroc. Nope. That’s a clear bottle on it, but they definitely have women. So I guess when I get in that is, well, the store I pick up our liquor from did not have two different flavor, pulls out three flavor profiles of lemon vodka.

So we just use three normal. And so anyways, so we will never drink lemon vodka. Nope. Three bottles. Yeah. I mean, it’s fine, but that would take us forever, but we don’t. Yeah, we don’t make enough drinks with it. Just like on a day to day. Yeah. Two ounces of vodka, three, four, three fourths of an ounce of contro, a half, an ounce of lime juice and one and a half ounces of cranberry juice.

They say to garnish with a lemon. But since we did not use lemon vodka, I just garnished with the lime. I think the contrast, you know, red and green. Christmas time looks great. So again, as in most of our videos, you don’t know what Vaka is in which vessel, these are all made the same. The only difference is the vodka and the shape of the glass and the shape of the glass.

rules of the blind taste test

Again, just so I can remember which one is in, which do you remember? I hope so. We have, this is the first video for today. So I should remember these, these, I would hope so. I hope so, too. So yeah. We’re going to go through them all trial, and then we’re going to talk about them. And you’re going to try to guess which one is which, Oh boy.

Oh boy. So here we go. Which one we start with? I feel like I always start my right to left. So I’m going to start with the middle. You’re going to start with the champagne glass. Yes. Okay.

I will say this about the Cosmo though. It always is always a good looking car. It’s a good look. Very pretty. It’s very pretty. It’s pink. And it’s normally served if you’re not really familiar with these, it’s served in a martini glass. Usually, usually, unless you end up being somewhere where somebody orders a cosmetic comes into rocks glass.

Cause I’ve seen that. Yeah, I have seen that, but that’s where all drinks are nothing above five bucks usually. Yeah. I like that. Okay.

What do you like about it? Um, I like the concept of the drink. I like it tastes nice. I don’t want to drink a million of them, but I wouldn’t not order it. You would, you would not, not order it if it was an option. And I was not feeling like I wanted any of the other options, I would drink a Cosmo. It would be definitely like a great, like, this would be the first drink of the night.

I get the pallet going, maybe, you know, summer for sure. Summertime. Maybe, I guess the cranberry would be good for a fall, you know, so, but anyways, I flavored drink that pretty much. Any, maybe chase a cranberry, you could taste the lime. Yeah. Um, I don’t particularly tastes any of the vodka, which as we know, it was kind of like what I like about cocktails.

I like it’s it’s there, but it’s not, it doesn’t burn. Right. It isn’t overly present. It doesn’t overpower everything else in the drink. It’s very limey. Um, but I like lime, so I’m not mad about it. I can definitely taste some ethanol in there from the VOCAT itself, but I can’t pull out of like, which one of these three could there possibly be again, that’s our first one.

So maybe drinking all three, I’ll be able to figure it out. And as we said, in our previous episode with vodka, it’s supposed to be neutral. You’re not supposed to be able to taste it in the cocktail. So. I’m curious to, if I can taste it at all, any difference? Sure. So now we’re going to go with the martini glass.

Okay. Get the cat’s tail out of my way. Oh, okay. Are you going to, is this where we’re going to be now for now, for now? Things might change.

let the tasting begin

This one tastes more cranberry. Okay. Um, It’s a little bit smoother as far as the bite goes, you think so? Like the bite of the lime and it’s not as tart. Okay. I definitely think in I, okay right now, I think there’s four phases to this cop to ACAT. Cosmin that we’re drinking right now. Right? You got the sweetness from the cranberry or more tartness, I guess it should say then.

Second phase is the vodka. And the third phase for me is the lime. And then at the end I could taste the contro because the Kodiak is in there right now. That’s very faint and subtle and off to the side. Yeah. Yeah. And I feel like for me, that just, it just combines in, I just taste citrus versus I taste more lime than I taste orange, which is what contro is.

Right, right. Orange. The core was a Kodak, but definitely I think there’s a bigger bite in this one. Yeah. And in the flock of five in the vodka, I think so let me try again because I can’t taste it. It’s fine.

Yeah. Maybe kind of in the middle. Yeah. That’s what I’m saying. It’s like, yeah. It seems like there’s four phases going on. Yeah. I finished this with cranberry for me. Right. And. In case anyone wants to know, this is not a generic, cranberry. I went and spent $7 on like a little 32 ounce glass thing in the organic section.

So this is not like your ocean fresh cranberry juice, which is watered down ocean spray. Yeah. So again, it’s the same cranberry juice is just, there’s probably a little more cranberry III. Cranberry flavor. It tastes more like real cranberries instead of concentrate. Right. Which was crazy. There was a $22 bottle sitting right next to this one.

I ain’t spending all $22 on cranberry juice. I want to shake hands with the farmer that harvested the cranberries. I’m going to pay $24. There’s a try what? A $23 cranberry tastes like, but I ain’t, I’m not spending the money on it, so. Okay. So let’s go with number three then, which is in a tall Collins glass.

I guess all called classes or doll.

Really? I don’t like it.

It it’s, it doesn’t blend. It’s.

I 100% agree out of all the three. This is the one that just does every component by itself with nothing else. Yeah. And I do not.

Okay. It is definitely my least favorite of the three. Yep. Okay. Nope. You want to try them all again? Or you, you got, you think I would dial then.

Okay. Let’s try this. We’ll try the martini glass again. Okay. Oliver, let’s figure this out, buddy.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Nope. That’s not part of the experiment. No,

no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that’s not. This is not the game. Yeah. You can’t sit there and get a little peek in the little world. You’ve already tried that. Yeah. But that was a long time ago. It was last week.

riley’s guesses

All right. Well, if I can’t try them, then I guess I can guess. Yeah. Okay. I think the Collins glass is the Fleischmann’s. Okay. I think

champagne glass is grey goose. Okay.

Yep. And the martini glasses Titos okay. Now, which is know. Oh, I mean, sure. Why, why do you think that? Why do you think

very distinct alcohol flavor? Very, I don’t know. It tasted cheap. Okay. Maybe. I don’t know, it didn’t combine, it tasted like it wasn’t meant to be drank. It was meant to, to run old school cars.

Well, um, Grey goose and Tito’s so you’re just saying like, in your mind, we should just blend together. Well, and that’s just how you think those flavor profiles go. Yeah. I mean, since this one is sweeter or since the martini glass is sweeter, I think it’s Tito’s because Tito’s is a little sweeter.

which one does riley perfer

Um, if you’re, which one would you, which one do you prefer? Which one do you like out of three? Obviously we know you’re not gonna like the Tom Collins one.

Martini glass, the martini glass. So in your mind you liked the one shooting. The has Tito’s in it. I mean, maybe I just like, there’s really an arbitrary reason I chose, but I liked this one better. I liked that it’s sweeter, but not too sweet. I like that. It blends well. Right. And I like that. Like, all of the flavors are fair, but not separate from me.

Okay. So if we had to break this down, what you would pay. Per the cartel and in a restaurant, whatever bar we using, the cranberry I use the, the freshman’s probably would be about five bucks. Again, the cranberry is kind of, kind of raised the price that I bought. So five bucks, the TEALS would definitely be eight.

And I would definitely say the grey goose would be $10. If you repeat, Hey, how I made these into restaurants just for the margin purposes you got zero. Correct.

the results

I want to put them in the order of what they are. Okay. Close your eyes. I already closed my eyes before you said close your eyes,

open them.

How crazy is that right? That the one that we both did not like at all.

And the one that like, I like this one is the $8 bottle, but I will honestly say, I will say this. I already knew which ones. And I’m giving you my honest opinion. Ain’t that bad man. I would mind.

So I’ve I bagged on there is definitely, there’s definitely a little bite in there. There is, but it’s, it’s, it’s not bad. It’s an unexpected vodka bite in a vodka cocktail, right? Maybe this fuck is better than we’re giving it up. Maybe on a $9 price point for that. No, it’s crazy. Right. It’s insane. I have begged on grey goose a lot in my time, and I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt thinking it’d be good in the cosmos.

Wow. Yeah. I mean, that’s why we do these videos, right? We blind test you, you know, we don’t blind test you. We give you the blind test, you know, um, and try to pick it out. You already know. And that’s why they want you to try it. Because if you try it, then you might be able to pull out and figure it out, you know?

Um, but again, it’s just, it’s just insane to think that doesn’t, but then again, it’s also showing that the cranberry, that this drink is pretty much well-made in a hole that you don’t need an expensive liquor to make it taste good. I think it does matter your cranberry juice because that is the, your major flavor component in it.

Right that you use fresh FreshLime maybe if we had used the ocean spray, right. Maybe that would change a thing. Yeah. You know, I mean, obviously when you go to most restaurants, um, well, mainly restaurants, it’s hard to know, but like bars, bars, you’re going to get cranberry out of the gun. Right. Which is bag with CO2 in it all the time in CO2.

It’s just, whatever comes out of the gun, which is going to be basically your ocean spray type cranberries. It’s lighter, not as fresh. So again, who knows, but I definitely think that if we did this with a cranberry gun, I bet we’d get the same results. Probably, probably. I don’t think that it’s going to change the difference.

How many, how many drinks are we going to try it with Greg

we’re into we’re into whiskey sours. See if I hate it. It’s crazy. I. I want to meet their marketing team. I wouldn’t, I’m a marketer. Okay. So if you don’t know my day job manager for a brewery and you know, it’s a fun job and stuff like that, but may I, he’s got, I said, I want to meet them. I want to shake their hand, learn every piece of nugget that they understand the fruit and it has to do with the bottle, the bottles.

This is one of the gorgeous, it’s one of the best looking bottles. So we were talking about this the other day. How much do you think the cost of this is the bottle, right? Like they have to S you, even though they probably order millions of these per year for whoever they get it from, it’s still costly.

Yeah, it has to be more, but I mean, Belvedere has the same frosted glass, the same price point, almost. This is like two bucks more they’re in the same direction. And this 35 mid range price point per bottle for the 750 mil. I dunno, but I guess I’ll drink a flush for this class. I guess I’m going to take one for the team again, babe.

Cheers. Cheers. Cheers guys.

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