Boston Cream Pie, Perfect for an Anniversary Cocktail

Published ~ December 1st, 2020 | Updated ~ March 28th, 2021
Author ~ Carl Busch
Tags ~ Vodka | Licor 43 | Creme de Cacao |

For their 1-year Anniversary, Carl made Riley their wedding cake: a Boston Creme Pie. But he made it alcohol! Check out his recipe to try this delicious dessert cocktail, or smush your partner's face in it!

How To Make a Boston Cream Pie Cocktail

This cocktail does require an entire egg. You can read more about the safety of egg consumption in cocktails if you feel nervous about it.


  • 0.5 oz Creme de Cacao
  • 0.5 oz Licor 43
  • 1.5 oz Pearl Vanilla Vodka
  • 1 Entire Egg


  1. Combine all ingredients into tin
  2. Dry shake 15 seconds
  3. Add ice
  4. Shake 20 seconds
  5. Double strain into glass
  6. Drizzle chocolate syrup

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Bar Strainer

Bar Strainer

Licor 43
Pearl Vanilla Vodka

Pearl Vanilla Vodka

Turning favorite dessert into a cocktail fitting for our first anniversary was a little tricky, but The Boston Cream Pie is worth it.

As Carl and I were planning our wedding last year, we decided to do everything differently. I threw Carl a "surprise birthday party," invited our friends, we surprised them by getting married. I decided to make a Boston Cream Pie for our wedding cake because it's his favorite. He loves the combination of custard, vanilla sponge cake, and chocolate ganache.

Yesterday marked our first anniversary of being married, so Carl thought there was nothing more fitting than turning our wedding cake into an anniversary cocktail!

We were both excited about the idea. Then Carl realized this might be a little harder than he thought. He looked up a few recipes, which didn't meet his expectations. So I started writing this, and he decided to break down the cake into its 3 components and make the drink from scratch.

For the chocolate ganache, Carl made homemade chocolate syrup. The recipe for this silky topping can be found in the video description.

The hardest part for Carl, and the most entertaining for me, was figuring out the sponge cake and custard adaptation. Carl does not like cake vodka, so using it was out of the question.

Since both components share a lot of ingredients, Carl chose to combine the two for the drink base. He used a whole egg, hoping that it would give the cocktail the yellow cake color. It did, and he was thrilled.

He added Licor 43 to help create the cake texture and add dimension to the cocktail's flavor.

It's hard to incorporate custard into a cocktail, but the vanilla creaminess was the goal. So, Carl used vanilla vodka and heavy cream.

I think that this Boston Creme Pie cocktail is the perfect cocktail to celebrate our first year.

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